Spinnin’ Records Debuts New-Look Platform To Find The Next Big Thing


Back in 2012, popular Dutch label, Spinnin’ Records, launched a first-of-its-kind Facebook app called Talent Pool. Created to help Spinnin’ consolidate and scout talent more efficiently, the app allowed anyone with good enough tracks to upload, share and promote them through Spinnin’s online community.

Today, Spinnin’ announced that they have migrated their revolutionary Talent Pool app to a fully functioning website, effectively taking their idea to the next level. Functionalities like profiles and social features that were not possible on the original app will be added to the new and improved platform.

Having already thousands of profiles up and running thanks a closed three-week beta version, the Talent Pool is now open to everyone and will continue to add more features as the site continues to grow and populate. According to Meindert Kennis, head of marketing at Spinnin’ Records and creator of the Talent Pool, they are “already planning remix competitions and an extended rewarding system in the very near future.”

One thing is for sure; this new online platform will quickly help vault talent to the top, providing Spinnin’ ample opportunity to unearth the next big thing. The Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool is available for everyone now at: www.spinninrecords.com/talentpool