Arno Cost & Norman Doray - Rising Love Ft Mike Taylor

Arno Cost & Norman Doray – Rising Love Ft. Mike Taylor

Lately, French Duo Arno Cost & Norman Doray have been going dance crazy, dropping tracks made for summer festivals. They re-emerge together once again to release ‘Rising Love,’ their rock-y jump up and down dance track. It’s quite a difference from when they first collaborated back in 2007 with progressive house track ‘Apocalypse,’ hence the updated 2014 version. Heck it’s also a far cry from their most recent release ‘Paradisco‘ where they, obviously, spotlight disco. A bit of the disco sound can be heard underneath the heavy house progression and piano in ‘Rising Love,’ but not as fully as the latter. Mike Taylor, an alternative pop artist, lends his raspy vocals against the hard house back drop of the track, which tries to swallow him, but Taylor undeniably fights back. It’s an easy to follow track that just makes you want to start the summer with immediacy.