It’s about time we get an EDM movie up in here. And who better to supply the music than Daft Punk. Last year, Eden caught attention when they announced a licensing deal with Daft Punk for three of their songs, including defining single ‘Da Funk,’ at $3,000 a pop. And that’s only a fraction of the usual cost. But it’s no surprise the duo wanted to give the filmmakers a break and contribute their tracks to an indie film chronicling the rise of French house music. The semi-autobiographical story even begins with actors portraying DJs Thomas and Guy-Man (AKA Daft Punk) performing and influencing a then aspiring DJ Paul Vallée (AKA Sven Hansen-Løve), the co-writer and older brother to director, Mia Hansen-Løve. Sven was also a pioneering figure in the French Touch scene, a 90s and early 2000s French experimentation in house music.

Soundtrack contributions other than Daft Punk’s were also made by Kings of Tomorrow, Joey Beltram, Paul Johnson, Frankie Knuckles, Octave One, and more.

Eden has already been released around the world, and is just now making its way to the states. The house music tribute will see itself on screens in New York City and Los Angeles first, this June 19, before opening to other markets. Need to experience the cultural phenomenon now? Take a look at the trailer below: