Galantis – Gold Dust (Loosid Remix)


Galantis – Gold Dust (/ˈlo͞osid/  Remix)

Galantis recently announced the release of their new Gold Dust Remix EP, featuring the likes of Hook N Sling, East & Young, and even the duo themselves in a collaborative VIP remix with Elgot. However, out of all the reworks on the EP, none stand out quite like the one that anonymous Loosid has made. A remix that can only and truly be described as “future,” Loosid’s work is strikingly different from the uplifting and euphoric material in the original. More of an eclectic journey than a dance track, the remix takes you through a vast soundscape of warped synths and fleeting melodies, making you feel like you’re in another dimension. Although mystery continues to shroud the identity of Loosid, it will only be a matter of time before his, her, or their identity is revealed if quality remixes and songs like this continue to be pumped out. Make sure to follow Loosid on Facebook and SoundCloud to stay up to date with the producer’s latest news and endeavors. With a persona like Loosid’s you never know what to expect.