As Zedd continues to roll out the proverbial red carpet for his True Colors album, he has been putting on some pretty impressive guerrilla promotional tactics. Each track on the album corresponds to a different color and a specific city (Phoenix, AZ was ‘Bumble Bee’). Basically, he stops in a city and sets up 6 of his iconic ‘Z’ logos in secret spots. The first 50 people to upload pictures of all 6 of the logos are taken to a surprise destination┬áfor an unforgettable and intimate musical experience with Zedd, where he unveils a track from the album.

His ‘True Colors’ experience touched down in San Francisco yesterday for the color black. The lucky 50 were ferried off to the infamous Alcatraz (yes, the prison) and skateboard legend Tony Hawk came along for the ride. With a little over a month until True Colors is released, it will be interesting to see what happens next. Stay tuned.