Wide Open Space, The Australian Fest You Never Knew You Had to Go To

You’ve probably never heard of Wide Open Space, and you’ve probably never even heard of Alice Springs, its closest civilization. This 3-day event is held in the desert abyss of Australia’s Northern Territory. If you haven’t had the privilege of wondering Australia’s deserts, you aren’t missing much – except for the unique experience of attending one of Australia’s best festivals. In a recent story published on thump, one writer describes the people of Wide Open Space as…

“Everyone is there for the music, the vibe and has usually traveled a hell of a long way to be at the festival site. Comprehensive statistical surveys have been made, and we can safely say, in mathematical terms, Wide Open Space = No Fuckwits”

In fact, the festival’s management also strongly supports the maintenance and continuity of the fan-base as they published in their official policy; “DON’T BE A DICKHEAD…General douchebaggery will not be tolerated.”

The event is held annually about 60 minutes east of Alice Springs, huddled underneath the MacDonnell Mountain Ranges. Drawing several thousand attendees, Wide Open Space is the epitome of what a music and art festival experience should be. This year’s event will be held from May 1-3. More information on their website.