Signalrunners – Meet Me in Montauk [Throwback Thursday]

Andrew Bayer is a musician that needs little introduction, however, some may be unaware of his collaborative project Signalrunners, a pairing with Scottish pal Alan Nimmo. Formed back in 2003, the duo only released around a dozen tracks of pure quality over quantity. It was one of their latest tracks “Meet Me in Montauk” released in 2008 that is the focus of this weeks #TBT. The tracks unique title comes from a quote in the film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, and its easy to see where the duo found that inspiration from given the depth of both this track and that film. “Meet Me in Montauk” is a timeless piece of progressive trance with a glorious breakdon, Mr Bayer himself decided to remember its vibe in a recent facebook status.

“Of all the tracks we did as Signalrunners, Meet Me In Montauk is the one I seem to keep coming back to the most. Aria Epica might be the catchiest, These Shoulders the most anthemic, but Meet Me In Montauk always had something special to it. It was that little bit deeper and probably that little bit quirkier… and I still love playing it out to this day. One of my favourite ‪#‎Anjunafamily‬ moments has to be when A&B played it on the Ibiza boat party a few years ago and Tony made me come out into the middle of the dancefloor to have everyone cheer. Good times”