Dillon Francis Unhappy With Kygo For Handing Out His Music For Free

We all heard about the clever stunt over the weekend where Norwegian tropical house maestro, Kygo, gifted lucky members of the Coachella crowd with USB drives. It turns out those drives contained his collaboration with Dillon Francis, which was set to be released on Dillon’s upcoming summer EP. So what’s the problem you ask? Well, Dillon Francis did not know about the stunt and was not happy about it. Snapchat’s most entertaining music producer took to Twitter to throw some shade at Kygo over the incident, although the Tweet has since been deleted. It’s pretty rare to see Dillon upset like that, but at least we know that his EP will be coming soon. In fact, Dillon’s collaboration with Calvin Harris has been completed as well, so it can’t be long before we see some new music from Dillon Francis.