Carmada Releases Diverse “Maybe Remixes” EP

As separate musical entities, producers Yahtzel and LDRU, have taken the world of the indie-future electronic realm by force, but last year the Aussie artists decided to step their music games up further by fusing their forces as Carmada. Their 2014 debut single ‘Maybe’, part of their Realise EP, was met with rousing response, as its heavy, feel good vibes had already stirred up crowds with live festival debuts. Over a million plays later, and ‘Maybe’ has earned itself a massive remix EP jam packed with artists spanning across multiple genres and styles.

Jesse Slayter gave the track a deep house face lift, while Dr. Fresch infused his rendition with upbeat bounce-house flare. TrollPhace & JuJu bring the filth early on in the EP, as their remix induces some serious head bobbing. Similarly, Getter‘s dark production perspective was heard loud and clear in his rendition of ‘Maybe’. After perusing Carmada’s 7 track Maybe Remixes EP, its clear that this release both indulge in and celebrates the wide variety of musical perspectives that producers have to offer on Carmada’s already astounding original.

Grab Carmada’s Maybe Remixes EP out now on OWSLA, featuring Dr. Fresch, TrollPhace & JuJu, Elk Road & SLUMBERJACK, Jesse Slayter, Fred V & Grafix, Getter and Pegboard Nerds here and stream the entire EP here!