(dc) – Fast ft. Deffie


(dc) – Fast ft. Deffie

Mmm. I needed this. You need this. This is exactly the kinda vibe you’ll wanna go into the weekend with: silky smooth, chilled out, and demonstratively sexy. Sean Price is a Dallas based producer that goes by the name (dc), long-form as Dream Child, and he’s got an ear for creamy beats that you’d normally expect from a seasons vet. He’s teamed up with Film Noir homie Deffie for their latest release, a leaned back groove tune oxymoronically entitled, ‘Fast’.

This track gets thrown into gear with a seriously fat bassline and Deffie’s rhythmic vocals come rolling in at just the right time to keep the flow going at a natural pace. There’s nothing extravagant about this track, and that’s a good thing; there’s a beauty in its simplicity, and it shines with some fine details. This gem just vibes so well. Check it below, and if you dig his stuff, go support (dc) through Bandcamp.

(dc) – Fast ft. Deffie | Bandcamp*

*(dc)’s Bandcamp page is not update with Fast at the time this article was originally written 4/17/15