TalkBand N1 Headphones: The Latest In Innovative Headphone Designs

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In the present, tech-savvy individuals typically direct their attention to smart phones or tablets for devices that have the capacity to collectively ‘do it all’ and value the headphones that accompany such devices as simply an accessory. That is, until now.

Huawei, a Chinese tech company, has manufactured a brand of headphones that collaboratively combine music and fitness. Introducing: the TalkBand N1. Vigour fitness enthusiasts everywhere will rejoice when the TalkBand N1 headphones hit the market in September of 2015. The headphones will allow users to play music without the service of a phone, thats right, without a phone. TalkBand N1 headphones can monitor users sleeping patterns as well as track the amount of steps taken as a result of the headphones’ installed accelerometer. The TalkBand N1 headphones host a 4GB Bluetooth chip that carries the capacity to store approximately 1,000 songs, roughly the amount stored on the average users 16GB iPhone. The Bluetooth chip also moderates a small built-in microphone that has the ability to sync with the TalkBand app that grants users to stream their music of choice or make calls from a connected phone.

“The activity-tracking headphone sector is just at its beginning but the addition of Huawei’s TalkBand N1 to current options such as LG and Jabra’s heart rate monitoring models represents the exciting times that lie ahead,” said Britta O’Boyle, features editor at, in an interview with MailOnline. “Headphones used to just play your favourite track and activity tracking used to come in the form of a pedometer at best, but those days are long gone.”

It appears as though 2015 is the year of innovative and multi-functional headphone developments as TalkBand N1 headphones will rival Glow Headphones as both companies are striving to have their products available to marketable consumers later this year. TalkBand N1 headphones are prophesied to barter for roughly $100. The headphones are 1P54-rated, meaning they are assembled to withstand rough environmental conditions and include industrial battery life, lasting nearly 12 days on standby. And of course, they are available in multiple colours making them a fashionable accessory to any outfit. Read more about the TalkBand N1 headphones from Huawei’s website here.