Glow Headphones, The First Smart Headphones, Promise A Bright Future

Light: it attracts and surrounds us all. We love the incandescent screens on our smart devices, we are attracted to the illumination of billboards, the brilliant production encompassing the use of lights, lasers and screens at shows- the list can continue infinitely. If you are like myself and love all things effulgent, the Kickstarter campaign for Glow Headphones is something that will surely peak your interests.

The concept for the light up and oscillating headphones arose from Google employee, Zi Wang. Glow Headphones have been designed exclusively for Android users, so unfortunately for all the faithful Apple users (myself included), we will have to wait in eager anticipation of our own version.

The headphones are not only different in their appearance, but also in their physical makeup. Glow Headphones are manufactured using Fibrance, which is a glass optical fibre material. The material is ideal for emitting the radiant light from the headphones, however, it is also far more flexible and enduring than the copper based wires commonly found in most headphones.

Lights contained within the headphones have numerous settings. The headphones have the potential to pulsate to the beat of your music or even your heartbeat. Glow headphones contain a heart rate sensor that is implemented into the earbuds. Pretty cool, right? Electronics giant Knowles has even been enlisted to contribute to developing pristine audio quality to ensure the headphones are both stylistically and substantially developed.

Glow developers have started to establish a 5-way smart remote that will include functions that will control not only the music, but function as a smartphone remote as well. The ingenious design will be able to answer incoming calls, include voice assistance and even take photos. “Using Android Wear (iOS*), Glow enables quick control of your apps: Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, Google Now, Instagram, and more”. I’m not sure about you, but I’m waiting for a catch.

The campaign had originally set a goal to reach $100,000, however they have reached nearly $300K with just over a month left until the deadline. Glow Headphones have optimistically set a $1 million goal, which if reached, will ensure all of the functions and ideas displayed may be included to their fullest potential when the headphones hit the market later this year.

Check out Glow’s campaign below and if you’re interested, donate to the Kickstarter here. The future is looking bright!

H/T: EDMSauce