‘The Sound Of Music’ Meets Burning Man In Video Of The Week

Burning Man
The video of this week is great, but maybe not what you expected. In a surprisingly harmonious mashup of themes, Burning Man meets The Sound of Music in a ‘My Favorite Things’ video. In an appropriate way to honor the 50th year since the movie’s release, one of The Sound of Music‘s most famously recognizable tunes, ‘My Favorite Things‘ is re-worked by YouTuber, Dr. Yes, to speak to his favorite things in Burning Man.

The video recounts events and artist installations from the previous year, including the mechanized fire throwing octopus and the Thunderdome style fake combat arena, as a few of this attendee’s favorite things from Burning Man. It isn’t every day that two previously and completely unrelated things are welded together to make so much sense. This video buildups not only our anticipation for Burning Man, but the entirety of the forthcoming festival season and all of our favorite things about summer. After a peak at this video, whether you were at Burning Man or not, maybe you’ll just start remembering a few of your favorite things about your music festival “happy place”.