Maya Jane Cole to Release 12-track LP Under Nocturnal Sunshine Moniker

MJC Noct. Sunshine
The house and techno household name Maya Jane Coles will be releasing an album in a couple of months under one of her seldom used aliases Nocturnal Sunshine.

The new LP will be titled Take Me There and will see the light of day on Coles’ own label I/AM/ME. From 2010-2012, we saw a slew of originals and remixes under her alias Nocturnal Sunshine, but since then, has kept very quiet and funneled all of her work through her main moniker.

The Nocturnal Sunshine project has allowed her to express herself through a variety of different genres besides the usual house/techno recipes she’s used to cooking up. The title track “Take Me There”, due out on March 2nd, is derived from a bass heavy foundation that incorporates elements of drum and bass as well as a light dose of the wobbles. A vinyl print will be made available along with a non-album track “Never Too Late” on April 18th, which is Record Store Day 2015.


01. Intro (Holding On)
02. Believe feat. Chelou
03. It’s Alright
04. Take Me There
05. Drive
06. Footsteps
07. Down By The River feat. Catnapp
08. Bass Bin
09. Can’t Hide The Way I Feel
10. Intergalactic
11. Skipper
12. Hotel

I/AM/ME will release Take Me There on May 25th, 2015.