Roland TB-303 Synthensizer Emulated for the Web

Now the reality of continuing that hot streak you had in the studio last night with your TB-303 the following day at your day job is finally within your reach.

As seen on their website, Errozero, a creative multi-media team based in the North West UK and the developers of this fine piece of audio goodness says this is “A work in progress web audio tool” and that it works the best the Google’s Chrome browser so make adjustments accordingly that this isn’t a perfect replica yet.

The Roland TB-303 has been impersonated and copied many times throughout the years, whether it being a physical unit of a piece of software downloaded online and with the popularity of emulations developed into browsers increasing at an ever-growing rate as of late, this is a perfect tool for producers of any caliber looking to spice up their instrument racks.

Even though it’s still in the beta testing stages, this online creation boasts a drum machine and two of the fabled synthesiser, saw and square.