Marcus Schössow Opens Up On Inspiration for Latest Hit Single, ‘Lionheart’

As a musician, or any creative professional with a substantial following, it’s not uncommon for there to be some friction along the path of growth. Whether it be hiccups and obstacles during a tour, creative blocks when trying to produce new content, or personal life issues that can’t stay out of the professional realm, there’s going to be some difficulties that need dealing with. In this day and age, social media has become the portable soap box for the world’s people and it’s where we all go to voice ourselves. Marcus Schossow hasn’t ever been one to shy away from voicing himself online; he’s a huge believer in his fans, and has used his Facebook and Twitter numerous times to have open conversations with his some 270k+ combined following. Even in times of conflict he’s held himself together exceptionally well, and has been honest, transparent, and…well human, frankly.

Schossow took to Twitter to open up about something very personal, and shared information that hadn’t ever been published before. He began his Twitter flurry by expressing his struggles as a child, and his triumph through passion and determination; this may have led some people to believe it was going to be an aimless, emotional gush session, but it was from that. His rant turned into an inspirational message supporting all those going through hard times. Be it dealing with social condemnation because of a speech impediment or emigrating from your home country to escape war, Marcus Schossow wants people to know they shouldn’t ever give up and to keep on keepin’ on. This mentality, born through his struggles as a child, was the inspiration for his new track, ‘Lionheart’. ‘Lionheart’ is a beautifully arranged progressive trance hand-raiser, with a powerful uplifting melody and inspiring vocals from the Royalties STHLM. This isn’t a classic cliché trance tune though. There’s a solemn mellowness to it, with an intimate warmth to its textures. This is exactly the kind of sound Armada is seeking in its mission to establish Trance 3.0. The story behind this track carries significant weight, and Marcus put great effort forth in trying to express himself for his fans. You can read the whole series of tweets below. You can pre-order the track, due to be released on 3/23rd via Armada Records, on iTunes today