Marcus Schossow Professionally Handles Hiccup During Headline Show

Marcus Schossow

Marcus Schossow’s North American tour was announced back in August, with phase one dates dotting all over the US. The swedish DJ was set to roam north to south and east to west, and a had a sweet stop in Toronto as well. Phase one was set to be capped off with a Schossow headlining show at Ruby Skye in San Fransisco. Emphasis on the “set to be.”

Ruby Skyes approached the Schossow team requesting this tour date, and came to them again to ask if Oliver Helden’s could support the show with an opening act. A Heldens opening and Schossow headline would be huge for any club, and Marcus was all for putting on a great night for the fans, so this could have been a win-win for all parties. Unfortunately this is not what came to pass.

In a series of tweets, Schossow voiced his disappoint of the situation, with regards to the crowd’s experience. He was given the choice between dragging Heldens off stage, or leaving to return another day. For a big name to be put in a situation like this is difficult; on one hand you could play the role of the big bad guy and rip somebody off stage, because it’s meant to be “your” show, and on the other you sacrifice playing entirely to let a relatively new name take the night. Schossow was in this for the  fans though and made it clear it wasn’t his night but the fans’. 

An official statement has been released through Marcus Schossow’s Facebook, to help explain the situation in full. A portion of the statement asserts that this was not the personal choice of Oliver Heldens but what seems to be some sort of power play by his tour manager:

“Yesterday i arrived at the venue and half way during Oliver Heldens set time i was notified that my contracted & approved set time not was going to happen by his tour manager. They insisted to play on well over my set time…”


“…It hurts my heart when something like this happens. Something that should have been a musically extraordinary night turns into a unnecessary drama because someone can’t follow whats been agreed too.”

Schossow’s statement also mentions how his camp and the Ruby Skye’s general manager came to a mutual agreement to perform at a later date, but for a club to have come to a DJ requesting a date, one would think they would have stood up for what they agreed to in the first place and made sure the set times went off without a hitch. At the end of it all Marcus Schossow tweeted that there shouldn’t be any personal attacks on Oliver Heldens:

You can read up on the full statement on Schossow’s Facebook. Beyond namelessly calling out Helden’s TM, there is no name dropping or bashing of any kind, only expressed disappointment over the event and a lesson in ego-management.

“Ego might take you somewhere for 15 minutes, but in the end its gonna eat up everything great about you. Those you meet on the way up, you meet on the way down.”