Madeon – Home

As Madeon‘s groundbreaking album, Adventure, approaches, the young prodigy took to Twitter today to give a heads up about a new track that would be getting a first play. It is the last song on the album and it is called “Home“. Madeon writes that the song is a result of an annual tradition where the artist locks himself in the studio for 24 hours and creates 2-3 songs from start to finish. Towards the end of this work binge, he felt exhausted and ready to give up on music alltogether, so this song is about just that. To make it even more personal, Madeon recorded his own vocals on the track and kept them there for the final version.

Once again Madeon touches an indie electronica sound reminiscent of Passion Pit and the result is pure magic. His vocals are equally as impressive and after hearing the track it’s surprising that Madeon does not consider himself to be a singer. The track will receive an official release on March 10th at midnight, but since other parts of the world already hit 12 o’clock, the track has already made its way to the web. Check out “Home” below and pre-order your copy of Adventure here.