Justin Jay Announces Momentum EP on Pets Recordings, Unleashes First Single


The title of Justin Jay’s fourth EP could not suit the LA producer any better. Momentum is exactly what Justin Jay currently has pushing his career as a power player on Dirtybird Records, and he will continue his ascent with his Momentum EP coming out on Pets Recordings, March 16th. The three-track EP is intended to display for all to see the various inspirations that fill Justin Jay when he sits down to produce his hit-making records.

The SoCal college student debuted his first single, ‘You Give Me Butterflies’, at his Mixmag Lab live performance. The crowds reaction says it all as the original only exerts feelings of bliss and euphoria with its sophisticated array of warm synth melodies and addictive drum work. ‘Momentum’ will be the only collaboration on the EP, with Justin Jay coming together with Dirtybird colleague to showcase the duo’s natural chemistry of sounds. ‘How I Know’ will bring fans back to JJ’s signature bass flair and be a sure pick for many DJs future sets. With a taste of the EP here for our ears, Justin Jay is beginning to stir up the hype surrounding his forthcoming release and gave a little tid bit about the making of ‘You Give Me Butterflies’:

“As I’m finishing up an incredible last year of college, and getting to do all of these amazing things in music, it’s felt natural making happy, lighthearted songs that really capture my mood these days. I’ve spent a large part of the last year exploring darker sounds and textures. I definitely want to continue experimenting in that direction, but I wouldn’t want to neglect my goofy, cheerful side either. “You Give Me Butterflies” is a carefree day at the beach, spent with your friends, acting like 8 year-olds.”