Ekkah – Last Chance To Dance (Goldroom Remix)

Goldroom is one of the few artists that I see on my SoundCloud and can ‘Like,’ ‘Repost,’ and ‘Add to Playlist’ immediately before even listening to the song – that’s how much confidence there is, and his new remix of Ekkah’s ‘Last Chance To Dance‘ is strong affirmation of that confidence. With a signature sound to defend, Goldroom typically builds his repertoire on brilliant originals, only making expectations for those hidden, upcoming talents seemingly born to be remixed by him and him alone.

The character emoted by this song is one with a nonchalantly addictive presence; that quirky, yet classically stunning persona who dances circles around the roller rink under the brilliant disco ball lights, unaware of all the eyes peering in admired jealousy. Goldroom and Ekkah’s uncanny knack for innovative retro makes them a perfect pair, delivering a track of old school piano chords and effortlessly free vocals that is to die for. Enough of my words, the track will speak for itself; check out “Last Chance to Dance” below.