Getter & jPhelpz Robbed At Gunpoint By Show Security

This past Saturday, Getter & jPhelpz joined forces with Dubloadz in his native New Jersey turf for what had all the potential to be an epic night of bass and filth. Most shows of this heavy caliber tend to leave concertgoers speechless and artists satisfied. Unfortunately this was far from the case this past weekend. After playing a pop-up show at the Wild Bull in Paterson, NJ, not only was jPhelpz’s wallet and phone allegedly stolen during his set, but, terrifyingly enough, both Getter and jPhelpz were held and robbed at gunpoint by hired security at the end of the event. To make matters worse, Dubloadz was also reportedly beaten by the contracted security and opening artist Etrax’s laptop was stolen. Thankfully, everyone involved is safe and unharmed for the most part, but now seeing as jPhelpz is left without money or an ID, he cannot board his flight to his next show. Getter is offering a $500 reward to anyone who can recover jPhelpz’ wallet (if you have any information, send a tweet to @GetterDub).

The show was co-produced by Vibe Sphere Entertainment & Above the Crowd, but security was not hired by either promotion companies, but rather, contracted by the venue itself. Sources were even reported saying that “…[D]uring setup the head security guard gathered his team and let them know the gameplan… Then when the robbery happened, they didn’t even attempt to stop it.” There are too many unanswered questions and just as many confused victims and fans at this point, but one thing’s for sure, we’re extremely grateful for each artist’s safety and hope for nothing but swift and due justice for everyone involved.

Check out what Getter, jPhelpz, Dubloadz and Extrax all had to say about the issue below