Clqqng’s Frozen Sea Is A Gem Off Too Lush Vol. 3


Clqqng – Frozen Sea

Clqqng (pronounced clang) not only takes the cake for the most inventive name I’ve come across in 2015, but also the most surprising last 2min of a track I’ve heard in some time. While the first 45sec come across as competent, if not totally memorable trap, the low-end that Clqqng drops at 55sec really made me sit up in my chair. There’s a haunting quality to this kind of Future Bass sound that DJs need to start paying attention to now. The break at 1:55 is exactly what party people are going to start expecting in their bass & trap sounds. It’s so wonderful to see we’ve finally evolved past just putting a syncopated beat over some squelchy noises qualifying as a track. This tune is menacing, while almost all-encompassing. I can’t wait to hear this on big boy speakers, as cranking this up has already got me in trouble with the neighbors once. The entire Too Lush Vol. 3 compilation is quality & deserves your attention. This is the kind of stuff the festivals not totally beholden to the dollar mongers will start to sound like soon. If you don’t believe me, hit up a good party in LA or Melbourne, and you’ll see what I mean.