Amon Tobin Returns with April Release of Dark Jovian EP

Dark Jovian

Amon Adonai Santos de Araújo Tobin (Amon Tobin) has essentially hovered under the mass-public radar since 2011. It’s been 4 long years since the Brazilian electronic virtuoso graced the listening community with “ISAM”. On April 18th – less than a month away – Amon will release Dark Jovian, an EP entirely inspired by binge watching space exploration documentaries. A ‘jovian’ is better known as a gas giant planet and there are 4 of them in our solar system: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

The double-vinyl set will be released on heavyweight 180g white 12″s. The 2 records will feature a total of 8 tracks; 5 originals & 3 remixes. The original compositions are titled ‘In Your Own Time’, ‘Adrastea Contact’ – Adrastea is the smallest Jupiter moon, ‘Lo’ – Jupiter’s largest moon, and ‘Encounter on Lo’. I’m starting to see a pattern.

The second vinyl will include remixes of ‘Encounter on Lo’, ‘Adrastea Contact’, and ‘In Your Own Time’, by Lee Gamble, Logos and Eprom respectively:

“Dark Jovian is a small personal project which is, nevertheless, dear to me: A one off indulgence into a genre that I love.” -AT

The EP will be published by Just Isn’t Music
Dark Jovian

“I made these tracks a year or two ago after binge-watching space exploration films. People have, from time to time, described things I’ve done as “scores for imaginary movies,” which has always irritated me, but on this occasion it’s sort of true.”

“Even so, what I was really trying to do was to interpret a sense of scale, like moving towards impossibly giant objects until they occupy your whole field of vision, planets turning, or even how it can feel just looking up at night.”

“I wanted it to pace very slowly, the way far off objects can seem still until you look away for a while and find they’ve shifted some distance when you look back. Tracks like Io work in that way; something changing gradually so you barely notice it, until at some point you no longer recognize it.”

“My musical influences are on my sleeve with this EP. Anyone who loves John Williams, Gerry Goldsmith or Gyorgy Ligeti will hopefully see what I’m drawing from, and how it then sits in an electronic context. Dark Jovian is a small personal project which is, nevertheless, dear to me: A one off indulgence into a genre that I love.”

-Amon Tobin (

Photo credit: thevinylfactory