ATTLAS – Scarlett

Everybody loves a good mystery, don’t they? Whether it’s the rumors about ZHU or the identity of twoloud, the internet loves to speculate about possible secret artist aliases. One of the more interesting rumors that has surfaced recently deals with the mau5trap artist ATTLAS being a secret side project of deadmau5. Mau5trap and Joel himself have denied the rumors, but either way ATTLAS captures a sound that is very reminiscent of the classic deadmau5 and that alone is something worth excitement.

Today, mau5trap uploaded a new ATTLAS single called “Scarlett“. It starts with by creating a very dark atmosphere with movie-soundtrack styled synths and piano, before triggering the kind of electro-progressive beat that sets off the radars of classic mau5 fans. The track then breaks into a beautiful piano driven bridge that slowly builds back to the dark slow electronic beat that will be sure to make a conspiracy theorist out of you. Check it out below and pick up your copy on iTunes.