Jenaux Releases Original ‘Renegades’ Featuring American Idol Finalist Pia Toscano

Renegades artwork
After recent releases from various labels including Dirty Duck Audio and Zerothree, New York producer Jenaux has made his debut on Ehanced Recordings with his newest original ‘Renegades’. Jenaux has quickly caught the attention of the EDM world, with his production elements drawing from the likes of Grammy- nominated Audien and his ability to create a unique track. Following a remix in collaboration with Prince Fox, Jenaux takes a different direction with this original with the help of American Idol finalist Pia Toscano.

‘Renegades’ demonstrates Jenaux’s astounding ability to produce a progressive house hit. He pairs Pia Toscano’s perfectly controlled voice with a steady building beat to deliver an extraordinary track. The vocals overlay a lighter synth and smooth piano melody before leading into an enchanting drop. The track provides its listeners with the euphoric progressive house feel and high energy they are hoping for and more. ‘Renegades’ will officially hit stores  on February 23rd.