Transform Your Tablet Into a Controller With This Revolutionary Add-On

Tuna Knobs
As more and more people want to give DJing a try, it is up to technology to make the art accessible to more people. While controllers are getting cheaper and more capable, there are those who simply aren’t ready for a full controller but want to do some basic mixing. For these hobbyists, numerous phone and tablet apps have cropped up, but now one product wants to bring your tablet one step closer to the real deal. Tuna Knobs stick to your tablet screen and act like standard knobs on a DJ controller. Creator, Samuel Verburg, says they’re “designed to give you the tactile precision you need when making music”. The knobs work with several popular tablet controller apps and should be compatible with more as time goes on. Watch the video below to learn more about Tuna Knobs. The knobs can be ordered here.

H/T Stoney Roads