Tommie Sunshine Criticizes Kygo’s Music, Unleashes Twitter Firestorm

Tommie Sunshine is a legend in the dance music scene, and the 43 year old producer who has never been afraid to speak his mind. He has spoken about the evolution of dance music into a corporate gold rush, and has even spoken about drug usage and the positive effects of LSD. Sunshine has never shied away from a controversy, even when it involves him dissing another artist. In 2013, little known Al Walser was nominated for best dance recording at the GRAMMY awards, to which Sunshine quipped, “I think the Grammys need to take a hard look at their infrastructure to make sure that something this disgraceful doesn’t happen again.”

Well he’s back at it, and this time he’s targeting ‘tropical house’ front runner, Kygo:


Fortunately for Kygo, there is at least one producer who disagrees with Tommie, as Oliver Heldens was quick to defend the Norwegian superstar.

Clearly, tropical house is not for everyone and our advice to Tommie Sunshine is that he should remember that ‘aggressive’ music is not always ‘good’ music. Kygo’s newest tune was featured in Ultra’s latest trailer, which you can listen to below.