‘Skrillex Selects 2/10’, Another Finely Curated Playlist of Todays Hottest Tracks

Skrillex Selects

Over the past few months, Skrillex has been taking to Soundcloud for his ongoing spotlight feature, known as Skrillex Selects. His weekly “Selects” playlists usually contain anywhere from 4-8 tracks and include artists across all genres; this results in pleasantly diverse and musically informed playlists – it doesn’t hurt that these are curated by one of today’s current EDM superstars. Each of these playlists take on different moods; some may inspire DJ sets, some are meant for chill vibes, and all are a great and easy way to hear what inspires Skrillex and keeps him going throughout each week.

Skrillex’s most recent installment, Selects 2/10 spans an array of different vibes, to the haunting pure acapella track ‘Show Me Love’ by Hundred Waters, to the hyped up street-inspired slapper ‘It G Ma’ from Keith Ape. This playlist also includes the tracks ‘Buffalo Charge’, a quirky electro track with killer reggae inspired vocals by Dub Phizix, a hard hitting rendition of Zhu’s infamous ‘Faded’ by DJ Snake, and Party Thieves & ATLiens’ bass heavy track ‘Chief’ (which is a bit reminiscent of Skrillex’s ‘Dirty Vibe’).

Listen to Skrillex’s Selects 2/1o below and be sure to keep up on all his “Selects” here.