Introducing The World’s First Wireless Smart Headphones

After launching a hugely successful European Kickstarter campaign with an original goal of $260,000 and a total in excess of $3 million, European company Bragi will soon be delivering the world the first advanced wireless smart headphones. Set up as wireless Bluetooth (that connects each ear bud wirelessly, as well as to your phone), Bragi’s The Dash is a multipurpose headset that does everything from playing music to tracking your workout performance. The Dash is a two earbud system that is water resistant, has touch controls and 4GB (1000 songs) of onboard storage, 3.5-hours battery life and a self-contained media player. The Dash also has both noise cancellation and audio transparency features and doubles as a Bluetooth Headset, delivering clear voice quality through an embedded ear bone microphone.

The Dash isn’t only technologically convenient and innovative for every day uses, but superb for athletic activities as well. These smart headphones are equipped with various sensors that are capable of tracking an athlete’s performance through multiple dimensions: speed, time, distance, heart rate, oxygen saturation and energy spent. Everything about The Dash’s design is focused on delivering freedom of movement, incredible sound and comfort. It comes loaded with an impressive amount of standard features that are useful for different facets of everyday life. The Dash launches this Spring and will cost $300.

Check out an informational trailer for Bragi’s The Dash below and preorder your very pair here.