Safe in Sound: Coachella & Doppler Labs Partner to Provide Attendees with Free Earplugs

Whether you’re touring the festival circuit, hitting up local clubs and experiencing 40-inch subs, or attending concerts with massive sound systems like Excision’s 150,000 watt ‘Executioner‘ rig, chances are you’ve seen people with earplugs, or have worn them yourself. Ear protection is vital for the music lovers of the world, because without it we risk the chance of severe hearing loss in older age… and if that happens, you can’t enjoy anymore good music! In the short term though, if you’re trekking the festival grounds without earplugs, you may find yourself looking for quiet spaces and not enjoying the experience as long as you could.

The good folks over at Coachella don’t want their attendees not enjoying their event to the fullest extent, so they’ve come up with a handy solution. The New York based tech-company, Doppler Labs, have teamed up with Goldenvoice to provide DUBS concert earplugs to all attendees who have purchased Coachella 2015 tickets. These little guys are the second product from Doppler Labs, and and are the little sibling to their widely successful Acoustic Filters.

A pair of DUBS Earplugs will be distributed in all Coachella welcome boxes, which means this year’s Coachella attendees will have an exclusive first try to experience the newest DUBS product. These soft mold plugs offer a 17 NRR rating to reduce volume to comfortable levels, and apply a simpler version of the technology implemented in the DUBS Acoustic Filters.


“We simply could not ask for a better platform than Coachella to launch DUBS Earplugs,” said Noah Kraft, CEO and Co-Founder, Doppler Labs. “Coachella has set the standard for live music and curation. We are proud to be a partner and provide hearing protection that allows all attendees to be immersed in the festival and optimize their music listening experience.”

In the case that attendees lose their Dubs Earplugs at Coachella, the higher-end Acoustic Filters will be available for purchase on site for $25.