NERVO – It Feels

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NERVO – It Feels

The gorgeous girls of NERVO definitely have us amped for Collateral, their debut artist album due out this year.  Ultra Music tapped the electro-pop confection “It Feels” as the second single from Collateral and wisely so. It shows off a softer, more downtempo sound than what we usually hear from Australian sisters Liv and Mim.  Proving themselves to be triple threats once again, NERVO wrote the lyrics and the girls sing the vocals, navigating emotional feels during each verse before seamlessly segueing into the catchy chorus.  The energetic drop manages to preserve the emotional vulnerability that pulsates throughout the track.  To tide you over until an official release date for Collateral is announced, “It Feels” is out today on Ultra Music.  Check it out below, stream it on Spotify and show your support by clicking here to buy a copy for yourself now on iTunes!