Did Monstercat Just Premiere a New Artist on Their Twitch.TV Podcast?

Apparently nothing is sacred, and nowhere on the internet is safe from internet hackers.

Or that’s what Monstercat would like us to believe, anyways. Today during their weekly Twitch TV podcast, the veteran label cut their regular feed to instead show a clip of them getting “hacked” in order to play a new track and what looks to be its accompanying music video.

A black square filled with code popped up in front of the standard Monstercat Podcast screen and someone began inputting text. The chat screen to the right exploded with comments and theories as to what was going on. The screen was then completely taken over and a white background with morphing black lines appeared, new music different than the music that had been playing on the podcast started and a face formed in the new video. It was all over in a few minutes, with the podcast resuming to its normal state soon after. We managed to find a Youtube video of this going down, so you can check that out below. It’s a sick track with an equally impressive music video, and the route Monstercat chose to premiere is unique to say the least. Hopefully creativity for song premieres will continue to rise after people see this one.