Music Lovers Rejoice! Snapchat Just Introduced It’s Most Revolutionary Update Yet


Gone are the days of jamming out to your favorite song in the car or at home, going to take a Snapchat and having the music unceremoniously interrupted. With the photo/video/money-sharing app’s latest update, the music will play on. Before, Snapchat didn’t allow access to its application programming interface (API for short) and other applications like iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify and Pandora were disabled when you pressed the record button.

But now, the song you’re currently streaming can become the soundtrack to whatever else you’re recording.  This new development is a part of Snapchat’s continual effort to become a more full-service social platform, evolving beyond basic messaging.  Over the past couple of years, Snapchat has introduced Snapcash, a money-sharing service similar to Venmo, debuted Alesso’s “Tear The Roof Up” music video as the first full-length music video premiered through its Story feature and partnered with well-known brands like CNN, Cosmopolitan and Vice to effectively streaming video content through its Discover feature.  iOS users can tune into the new feature by downloading the latest version of Snapchat through the App Store.