Kygo & Conrad Perform ‘Firestone’ With Live Band & Instruments [VIDEO]

Kygo Conrad

Kygo is in high demand these days. His tune “Firestone” with Conrad has not lost any steam since it’s late 2014 release, and it culminated in a fantastic acoustic live performance of the tune on a Norwegian talk show in December. The viral nature of that appearance has resulted in a re-creation of the performance into an official music video.

The  video highlights Kygo’s focus on the piano, and perfectly exemplifies the kind of talent that is required to be a professional producer. Set inside the studio, the video also provides fans with a wonderful look into the intricacies of the equipment and acoustic environment that help create our favorite sounds. If you have been following Kygo’s meteoric rise over the past year, you have a lot to look forward to. The product of Norway is expected to have plenty of music in his arsenal for the coming months, including his ID that was recently featured in the official 2015 Ultra Music Festival Trailer. Hopefully we’ll see something of this nature at UMF this year on the live stage.