Hilarious Parody Pokes Fun at Skrillex Academy & “Rave Pus*y” [VIDEO]

Source: Whiplash
Over the summer, SNL drew a lot of critical attention towards dance music with its digital short titled, When Will the Bass Drop. It was a comedic look at some of the criticisms towards our culture that fans and haters alike could laugh at. Fast forward several months and DJ Wh1PLA$H is looking to make the same kind of impact. The video seems to have gained notoriety after the Oscars because it parodies the Academy Award nominated film about a notoriously intense band teacher…. and Skrillex’ Academy.

The parody is the latest in a line of criticisms towards the deification of DJs. While hilarious, the video also raises some questions about whether DJs are in it for the right reasons or whether they are more concerned about their persona than their music. Regardless of how you feel about those issues, the video itself is hilarious so check it out below.

H/T Dancing Astronaut