Carnage- ‘I Like Tuh’ Feat. ILoveMakonnen

 photo ScreenShot2015-02-23at100955PM_zpsecf72a48.png

Carnage has teamed up with emerging hip-hop recording artist ILoveMakonnen to produce his latest tune, ‘I Like Tuh‘ and wants us all to know he likes to “make money get turnt”.

The release features the vocals of ILoveMakonnen (born Makonnen Sheran). The twenty-five year old’s rise to fame started after Drake remixed his original song ‘Tuesday’ in 2014 and is now colluding with audacious producer, Carnage. The #chipoltegang leader’s new track ‘I Like Tuh‘ appears to be experimental in comparison to the trap producer’s collective body of work. That being said, the multi-genre producer’s notoriety can be impetuous at times, “I really enjoy a life of whatever I feel like doing. It’s impulsive. If I need to make a rap record I make it, if I desire to create a home record I make it”. ‘I Like Tuh‘ features ILoveMakonnen’s vocals in addition to a bouncy-trap baseline.

The collaborative duo was promoting their latest single today at Chipolte in New York City following Carnage’s tweet earlier this morning,