XS Las Vegas Reveals Multi-Million Dollar Renovations for 2015

XS Nightclub Reveals Impressive Multi-Million Dollar Renovations

XS Nightclub has waited patiently, biding their time in the night club battle royale in Las Vegas. 2 years and 10 million dollars later, the venue at the Wynn Las Vegas has seemingly leap-frogged their competitors Hakkasan and Drais.

“We wanted to be strategic, because we didn’t want to be the same as everyone else,” said Waits, the managing partner of XS and Tryst Nightclubs. “It’s such a competitive market that it’s required now to have that kind of technology.”

While SJ Lighting, production design specialists who work on Ultra and EDC, worked on these renovations for the last 4 months; unabating the usual club and hotel functions, they unveiled their pristine upgrade to the world on New Years Eve. Complete with a 360-degree DJ booth enclosure that includes a state of the art pyrotechnic system, 14,000 LED encompassing light board, adjustable video screens, inside/outside lighting systems, a double kabuki drop in front of the DJ booth including projection mapping that produces a unique pixel map over the pool surface are among the many new features included in the beautifully aesthetic renovations.