Steve James Continues to Impress with a Remix of Smallpools’ ‘Karaoke’

Smallpools - Karaoke (Steve James Remix)Smallpools – Karaoke (Steve James Remix)

 Don’t mind me – the aggressive arm flailing, obnoxious jumping up and down like a caffeine-overdosed kangaroo, and impeccably on-point air drumming. It’s been a constant battle against myself and the urge to break out in a spontaneous dance party ever since I’ve heard Steve James’s new remix of Smallpool’s “Karaoke” and fortunately unfortunate(?), I’ll admit defeat. While the liveliness of the original vocals drive the melody of the song, the percussion-heavy track exudes a rock feel that makes you want to lift your hands over your head and clap along enthusiastically with the lead guitarist at a concert. A pivotal track to set the momentum for the new year, James holds no restraint in packing an explosion of celebratory energy into this remix, especially in that firework of a drop. I apologize beforehand of all the jubilant “Ooohing” that will be firmly engrossed into your head after one listen, but pass on all the credit and blame to the young producer who clearly has a knack for addictive, fun music. Unfortunately, the song isn’t yet available at karaoke bars, but grab it on iTunes today and jam all you want in the comfort of your home!