Skream Set To Release Third Studio Album Later This Year


Skream has one of the most impressive resumes in the game. Not only acting as a pioneer to dubstep, he has also had his own radio show on BBC Radio 1, numerous hit releases and two studio albums under his belt.

His last album, Outside The Box, was released back in 2010. While still having a handful of other productions and collaborations since then, he recently announced an album that goes hand in hand with signing to the label Crosstown Rebels. Set to release at the end of February, ‘Still Lemonade’ will be the first track off the album. Skream goes on to explain the song:

“‘Still Lemonade’ was the first track I finished in a long time that I felt completely happy with and was ready to play out. I didn’t tell anyone it was by me when I first started playing it and the reaction was explosive. . .It’s a perfect example of the direction I’m taking with my productions.”

Check out his remix of Ali Love’s ‘Picture Perfect’ below, which was his first release off of Crosstown Rebels.

Via MixMag