Jim Carrey Serves as Inspiration for Dillon Francis’ Comedic Side

With the Money Sucks, Friends Rule Tour drawing to a close this weekend at Terminal 5, the ever so popular Dillon Francis will grace the stage with an all-star lineup of Bro Safari, Anamanguchi, DJ Hanzel, and a boat load of unannounced guests. With rumors swirling with the likes of Major Lazer, Seth Troxler, and Martin Garrix, set to appear, this weekends 3 show event should have everyone talking for the next few weeks.

But like the tour name itself, Dillon Francis has become a face of the global dance music movement with not only his music, but his presence via social media. Whether it be his incredible Instagram posts, his hilarious twitter feed, and or his facebook page, the LA based DJ has single handily developed a way to interact with his fan base unlike any other current DJ out there right now. With Dillon Francis sitting down with the Village Voice yesterday, he was asked several different questions about not only his social media presence, but his music as well, some of the answers can be found below.

“It’s just me messing around,” Francis says of his character-tropes, who have names likeBecky (a stereotypically upper-middle-class, twentysomething white girl) and Treva (a sunglasses-wearing, spoiled Australian teenager with an accent that skews more New Zealand) and Klaud (a fashion critic probably from Central Europe).

The Los Angeles native says he grew up sheltered — he was pretty much only allowed to watch comedies as a kid. “I think during that time Jim Carrey was pretty PG; that was like the main person I was obsessed with when I was younger,” Francis says. “I think that helped a lot with, you know, me just not really caring about what I do and just trying to make people laugh. Because I just enjoy it. It’s one of my favorite things, making people laugh.”

With the full interview found on the Village Voices Website (click here for article), it really is awesome to read about just how humble Dillon Francis remains going from nothing to something in three short years. If you are lucky enough to have ticket to this weekends show, have a blast, and for everyone else, make sure to put Dillon on your lineup schedule as we make our way into the heart of 2015!

Via: The Village Voice