Anti-Fan Takes Action To Shake Taylor Swift Off Hottest 100 List

For all the fellow haters ‘who gonna hate’ (anti-fans unite) on Taylor Swift, an official petition to prevent the country-turned-pop superstar from getting onto triple j‘s Hottest 100 has surfaced. ABC managing director Mark Scott took to Twitter telling disgruntled fans to ‘shake it off’ when news broke that the megastar’s single had not made the list. Buzzfeed Australia could not have predicted the massive uproar when they jokingly gave birth to a campaign to get Swift’s Shake It Off into the Hottest 100 earlier this week. Following the clamour brought about by Swift’s army of fans, mainstream coverage and of course, the Tay4Hottest100 hashtag, Swift’s infectious (and particularly annoying) smash hit “Shake It Off” rose to number two on the list at a rapid pace.

Although Swift would be the first female solo artist to win the Hottest 100 since the competition commenced, an individual has taken personal action to try and shake T-Swift off the list. Hayden Davies, a long-time listener of triple j and a Taylor Swift anti-fan, has generated a petition titled “Do not allow Taylor Swift to feature in the annual triple j Hottest 100” that is available on Davies has made the critical point of  stating, “how about promoting an artist that wouldn’t give a shit if she won, we promote an artist that will actually use this to change their career forever?” and I personally cannot help to agree. After all, I’m sure I am not alone in saying that I would not miss Taylor Swift’s look of complete and utter shock when she accepts yet another award. Come on Tay, your terrible acting isn’t fooling anyone.

Countdown for the Hottest 100 launches on Monday, January 26 and can be heard on the radio, online or via phone app and will be re-aired on Saturday, January 31. The full anti-Swift petition is available here.