Hardwell feat. Harrison – Sally (Official Music Video)

A lot has been said about Hardwell’s recent single, “Sally,” the rock-inspired release that features the distinct vocals of Harrison (you’ll recognize him from Guetta and GLOWINTHEDARK’s “Ain’t A Party”).  It’s the fifth single from Hardwell’s debut artist album United We Are (after “Arcadia,” “Young Again,” “Don’t Stop The Madness” and “Eclipse”) and it’s been maligned for a number of reasons.  Its distinct rock edge coupled with its f*cking vulgar lyrics have turned many fans (or people in general) off.  And somehow, despite the controversy, it doesn’t even feel very original.  With its incessant “Whoo”-ing, it’s a little bit “Song 2” by Blur and the fratboy bravado makes it a little bit Lustra’s “Scotty Doesn’t Know” from the 2004 comedy classic Eurotrip.

Seriously, watch:

Anyway, forget Fiona for a moment.  Back to “Sally.”  Whether you hate it, love it or like it for its entertainment value, there’s now an official music video to go along with the controversy.  For such big-talking lyrics, the music video’s pretty tame.  Studio-based musical performances and seduction by a lone, cigarette-smoking vixen (Sally, is that you?).  Yawn. Moving on.