Governors Ball Confirms Deadmau5′ New Stage Design

 photo coachella720114_zpsow5fdcht.jpg
In a reddit AMA hosted by the producers of The Governors Ball, redditors began to stream questions towards one of the most popularized headliners, deadmau5. One of the many questions at the forefront of the AMA, which crossed all sorts of topics and conversations of artists and production, was whether or not Joel would have finished his new set production in time for his Entropy tour, which is set to start this year. The controversy behind this proposition is that back in March of last year when Joel stated that he needed about $6 Million to renovate his set from his patented cube to a 360 arena. It now seems as if deadmau5 has reached his monetary goal and is ready to proceed in the construction and delivery of a brand new set. Fans of deadmau5 can be sure to see an entirely new show this time around. The redesigned production was confirmed in this screenshot from the very same AMA:

 photo ScreenShot2015-01-23at121059PM_zpsbefqqjzm.png

For more information about The Governors Ball, you can visit their website here.

Photo: Rukes