Go Behind The Scenes With Above & Beyond In ‘We Are All We Need’ Documentary


Find yourself on your 5th listen of Above & Beyond‘s new album and still want more? Then take a step into the studio with Jono, Tony, and Paavo in their short documentary to see what it was like creating We Are All We Need.

The video highlights the thought process that went into many of the tracks such as the idea that a powerful message can be conveyed in a hushed tone, which ultimately lead to the album opener “Quieter is Louder“. One of the more interesting aspects of the video is seeing how the Above & Beyond trio are true classical musicians at their core and that their tracks always have that strong foundation. The trio also offer a glimpse of crafting unforgettable lyrics with their featured vocalists Alex Vargas and Zoe Johnston. If there is one takeaway from the video, it’s that the guys certainly have all the ingredients for another round of acoustic shows down the road. Check out the video below and be sure to buy their new album, We Are All We Need.