Galantis Continues The Seafox Story In “Runaway (U & I)” Video

When thinking about Galantis, one of the first things that comes to mind has to be the mystical Seafox. Their mascot has appeared all over their album art and after debuting as a character in the “You” music video, the story of the Seafox continues in the recently released video for “Runaway (U&I).”

Personified with human characteristics, emotions and actions though with a gorgeously fantastical feline head, the Seafox realistically talks about her rise to fame during the past year and the difficulties faced in making genuine connections. Paralleling the whimsically fluorescent ambience of the Seafox nature, the music video takes viewers on a breathtaking nighttime adventure through city lights. Halfway through, what we see as a male Seafox speaks in a heartfelt monologue saying, “when you find yourself, you find love, because they are the same”. And like any fairy tale ending, the two characters find each other in the most appropriate placed possible – a Galantis show. A great visual story to accompany the already fantastic track, watch the video below.