Dada Life Puts ‘Dada Death’ In The Past, Previews ‘Tonight We’re Kids Again’


Dada Life – Tonight We’re Kids Again

Following the ‘banan-archy’ of their recent publicity stunt, ‘Dada Death’, Dada LIFE is back at it with the track that was first made public by the laptop thieves, “Tonight We’re Kids Again”.

The Swedish duo took to their socials and released a snippet of “Tonight We’re Kids Again” saying, “This is the only version of ‘Tonight We’re Kids Again’ you need… The one that makes you smile!”, implying that Dada Death is a thing of the past. Along with their recognizable vibrant electro house phonics, the guys have incorporated repetitive hypnotic vocals sure to have you controlled by the rules of Dada. The track is slated to be released on January 26th, but you can give the preview a listen below and don’t forget to check out their website to see if Stefan and Olle’s North American ‘Dada Land Compound’ tour will be coming to a venue near you.