Accidental Leak Reveals Possible Performer(s) for Coachella 2015


While four months stand between eager festival-goers and the first weekend of Coachella, anticipation is rising as everyone awaits the release of its bound-to-be star studded lineup, especially after the Coachella after movie and teaser video surfaced late last week. With only about a month or two left before the lineup is officially revealed, curiosity has gotten the best of some folks, as many people have tried doing their fair share of detective work to try and figure out the lineup by looking for gaps in artist’s touring schedule, deleted concert listings, and accidental slip ups.

It seems like these internet lineup detectives finally struck gold. ChoiceCuts, a Dublin-based promoter, provided one of the first confirmed leaks:

After a post about moving Flying Lotus’ Dublin tour date from Sunday, April 19th to Wednesday, April 29th, it was revealed later that his Coachella commitment evidently ended up pushing back the entire tour. That’s great news for this year’s lucky Coachella attendees. Flying Lotus is an incredibly unique and forward thinking electronic act that people should leave rooms for in their schedules to see.

via Reddit