Kaskade Premieres “A Little More” of His Chart Topping Single

Kaskade Premieres

When the internet heard that Kaskade would be teaming up with John Dahlbäck, it was ecstatic for ‘A Little More’ news. So when the tune was finally released, it quickly ran its way up the Beatport charts to sit comfortably atop the progressive rankings.

As the hype behind the tune slowly begins to fade, Kaskade cranks up the excitement behind his killer collaboration by premiering an accompanying music video via his FaceBook account. The video portrays a man during his vacation trip to what he thinks is Hawaii, and all the excitements he experiences while actually journeying across Iceland. The video itself is a fun and cheeky accompaniment to the anthemic and upbeat track. You’ll laugh your way from start to finish, while you let your ears soak in the utter bliss that is Kaskade and Dahlbäck.