Deadmau5 Takes Over Fan’s Disposable Camera; Delivers Great Results

Deadmau5 Takes Over Fan's Disposable Camera; Delivers Great Results

Joel Zimmerman a.k.a Deadmau5 is notorious for his unapologetic and merciless conduct. He’s not afraid to use his sarcastically blunt demeanor to bring attention to things that he doesn’t agree with, and the list of unsuspecting celebrities that he’s instigated social media beef with over the years should be miles long by now. But all this aside, it’s undeniable that the guy loves his fans and will take care of people who love and support him.

Recently, a fan named Ryan decided to send a disposable camera to Deadmau5’s new address for his compound outside of Toronto. Not knowing what he would get in return, if anything, Ryan must have been over-the-moon ecstatic to find that Zimmerman not only took photos with the camera, but also developed the pictures and sent them back to him. Ryan then decided to post the pictures online to reddit. This disposable camera album include selfies of Deadmau5 (love the In-N-Out Burger hat, by the way), pictures of his two cats (Meowington included) and several photos of his home and studio.

Deadmau5 tweeted about it saying:

Check out some of his pics below and see the rest of Deadmau5’s priceless disposable camera album here!