Got $900? Then You Too Can Purchase the First Generation Ipod on Ebay!

 photo APL-SAU-IPOD_CLASSIC_160GB-SL_1_zps419d4936.jpeg
When Apple decided to shelve its famous iPod Classic this past year, the technology world was set abuzz in utter annoyance. With the original styled iPod able to hold up to 160gb of music, which is the equivalent to 40,000 songs, Apple lovers were quick to scoop up the remaining stock in hopes of holding onto a piece of Apple history.

The original iPod retailed for $250 while it was still in stores, and now, they have skyrocketed. Just check eBay for proof. With over 5,000 iPod Classics currently on sale, the average sale price seems to be just around $400. But the most shocking news out of all of this, is the price tag that one user decided to spend just a few weeks ago. eBay seller theappleipodbay was able to make a sale for a ridiculous $899!

 photo ebay-ipodjpg_zps3fb53ea5.png

By the looks of it, the black friday deals weren’t good enough for whoever bought this item, it must have been the free shipping that made the spend such an absurd sum of money. All we can say is, enjoy that iPod, we hope it was worth it!

Via: Billboard